To our customers

We care a great deal about our customers – you drive everything we do. Much of our time is focused on helping you to choose us when the time is right to move home.

We have been building beautifully crafted homes for decades and as an independent, family business, have built up a reputation for excellence across South Wales and the South West of England that we are very proud of.

Your home is likely to be the most significant investment you ever make, so we want you to have the best experience when you choose Edenstone Homes. It is important to us that you love living in your new home, in fact it’s an obsession of ours, because your future is our future.

We take our responsibility to you very seriously. That is why we are committed to excellence in design and construction, uncompromising specifications, and attentive and responsive after-sales care.

By innovating and engineering homes that are greener, reducing energy consumption and waste, you will always know that your new Edenstone home will stand the test of time and for generations to come.

Our responsibility does not end when we hand over the keys to your new home.

We have a dedicated aftercare team who work tirelessly and efficiently to maintain our exceptional levels of customer service. We believe in going the extra mile to exceed your expectations, because you deserve only the very best.

To our colleagues

We foster a culture and ethos of diversity and support amongst all our teams and as individuals to give their best. By encouraging the sharing of ideas, we have created a culture where our people can thrive professionally and personally and always contribute to our evolving business.

We see each one of our team as part of the Edenstone family and welcome collaboration, thought leadership and innovation. This enables us to attract and retain exceptional people and that care passionately in giving their best and that go that bit further for our customers.

We have an extensive supply chain of over 250 contractors, tradesman and professional services teams, many of whom have worked with us for decades, trust us and that we greatly value. Our impeccable safety record and our friendly, approachable style enables us to build long lasting commercial relationships which ensure a consistently high level of quality in our design, construction, sales and after care.

Direct Staff
Supply Chain

To our communities

We create wonderful communities that flourish and aid people’s quality of life and mental health, on time and on budget and without build compromise.

In making a difference to people’s lives, by building homes that benefit the environment, with sustainability and build innovation at its heart, everyone wins.

From the very beginning of a project, our approach to identifying and acquiring new sites is one of sensitivity and always to add to an existing community and make it an enhanced and enjoyable place to live for all.

Our in house master-planners work to ensure we enrich the landscape and communities in which our homes will become a part of and we have won many awards for our projects that have added a rich and biodiverse addition to communities.

At the heart of this is our “back to nature” policy, where we wildflower, plant and assist mother nature to grow and give back to the community.

Trees are a passion of ours and we always overplant to help natural birdsong which is nature’s orchestra and that is uplifting for us all.

We seek to invest in the future of the communities we join, creating employment and reinvesting in those communities by sourcing local materials and labour whenever we can and always with sustainability at the heart of all we do.

Community Contributions
Affordable Homes Built

To our environment

We embrace our responsibility to build in an ethical and sustainable way and have a policy of continual improvement, by researching innovation, to ensure we fast track to zero carbon.

We have always sought to use the very best designs, products and innovative construction methods to reduce our environmental impact and this continues to be a continual process of research and testing.

By exploring the latest solar and thermal technology, wind power and community electricity storage, we are helping homeowners become energy self-sufficient. We are committed to developing green technology such as ground heat source, water reclamation and recycling more effective and much more widely used.

We are investing heavily in zero carbon construction and living, committed to improving the local environment and contributing to improving the quality of life for all our residents.

In adopting the principles of “secure by design” all our developments and homes are safe and secure for families, children and older people and wonderfully uplifting places to live in.

Our pledge to support the principles of the Paris Agreement on Climate Action are well known. As such we are striving to reduce emissions from our business and ensure our homes help society reduce the impact on the environment.